All in one program

A lot of data is generated in the poultry integration. To gain insight into all this data and to make connections: that is a difficult task. PoultrySoft helps you easily make analyzes from one data in one central database. Make the right choices, save costs and increase revenues.

From breeding process to slaughter process in one program

PoultrySoft has a modular structure. This means that every link in the chain has its own part in the package. These parts are linked to each other. You can register and manage both the entire breeding process and the slaughter process in PoultrySoft. From information about breeding flocks and broiler flocks to the planning of the hatching eggs and the laying and supplying of the chicks; it’s all in one program. PoultrySoft makes well-arranged reports, work lists and overviews of the breeding process.

Extra options from PoultrySoft
You decide how extensively you use PoultrySoft. Visitor reports, contracts with broiler farmers and trade agreements for your slaughterhouse can also be recorded in the program. PoultrySoft takes care of the entire planning and registration of the journey and slaughter data. This data can again be converted into slaughter reports and invoices.

PoultrySoft also has the following options:

  • Relationship management
  • Digital archive
  • Visit and conversation registration
  • Hatching planning
  • Automation of the entire incubation process
  • Chick passports and VB weekly overviews
  • Tracking – Invoicing
  • Contracts
  • Trade
  • Couples with VKI
  • Slaughter planning
  • Trip planning
  • Weight report
  • Slaughter data registration
  • Quality reports
  • Mobile apps
  • Invoicing slaughtering and trade
  • Link with accounting
  • Expansion possibilities with specific wishes
  • Integration with Qlik