About us!

Years of knowledge of agrofood & digitalisation come together at QF Soft. With our software and expertise we help optimise your company’s processes and information. In the meantime we have expanded fundamental relations across various industries, such as: food, construction, safety & engineering.

Meet our management team

Theo Hoen

Jaap Brokking

Dennis Lucas

Theo has a strong technical background from both slaughterhouse and farms due to his time as CEO at Marel and Vencomatic.

Jaap grew up in the feed and chicken business and has a great understanding of the challenges planner face nowadays

Dennis has a strong focus on big data and Business intelligence. With his development skills he now leads the development teams


At QF Soft 14 people work every day to improve and service our customers. People at QF Soft know the ropes and are your reliable partner in matters such as paperless quality management, digitalisation in the poultry chain and efficient process & equipment management. PoultrySoft will support you during your daily tasks with software that provides efficiency and insights, so you can make the right choices. Efficient registration & more insights in your processes: thát’s our objective.

PoultrySoft has a modular structure. This means that each link in the chain has its own component in the package. These parts are linked together. You can register and manage both the entire incubation process and the slaughter process in PoultrySoft. From data on breeding flocks and broiler flocks to planning the hatching eggs and the laying and delivery of the chicks; it’s all in one program. PoultrySoft makes clear reports, work lists and overviews of the breeding process.

Mission and Vision

QF Soft Mission                 “Partnering in reliable poultry chain optimization”

QF Soft Vision:                    “Facilitating a sustainable and efficient global poultry production”

QF Soft Core Values:    Collaboration / Ownership / Respect / Reliabilty / Innovative