PS OptiHatch – Turning the Poultry chain upside down!

Optimizes value in the hatchery by planning and managing the poultry chain

PoultrySoft enables you to manage the entire breeding process, from the schedule, the collection of eggs, right up to the delivery and invoicing of the eggs and chicks. You can make a long-term egg schedule, as well as an incubator schedule.

If the registration is correct, tracing is safeguarded and invoices can be generated for all purchases and sales. PoultrySoft is an all in-one package for hatcheries.

  • Visiting records and action management
  • Document management with a Digital Archive
  • Registration of flock information, including laying
  • percentage
  • Trip scheduling (drivers and trucks)
  • Hatching egg schedule
  • Egg collection
  • Incubator schedule
  • Egg quality monitoring
  • Document distribution via e-mail
  • Invoicing
  • Various reporting options
  • Incubation–egg candling-hatching rate
  • Trade in chicks and eggs
  • Delivery of chicks
  • Trip registration and first-week cancellations

Why PS OptiHatch

  • At least 30% reduction in cost just for administrating the mandatory and necessary date
  • Reduce the paper flow within the company with at least 60%
  • Saving time and money by automating processes
  • Keeps track of company performance and results
  • Producing more durable and efficient; 10 % less loss due to efficient planning
  • Brings all information flows together and put your data to use.